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Ruta M.

25-35 Age group

1 child , 1 - years old

Starting: 07 / 2022 - 12 / 2022
Available for: 3 months - 24 months


We are a young family with a 1 year old boy living in the Old Town of the beautiful city of Vilnius in Lithuania. We are looking for an au pair who is fluent in English. Lithuanian basics are preferred, but not required. We love good music, literature and try to make sure our baby boy spends some time outdoors.

Anita V.

35-45 Age group

1 child , - years old

Starting: 02 / 2020 - 04 / 2020
Available for: 1 month - 18 months


Kind person who loves my kid

Abdalrhman A.

15-25 Age group

No children

Starting: 07 / 2019 - 10 / 2020
Available for: 5 months - 24 months


I love babies and i want to live in other country

Diana G.

35-45 Age group

1 child , 3 - years old

Starting: 05 / 2017 - 09 / 2017
Available for: 12 months - 24 months


I am a single mother of a 2,5 years old girl. She goes to the kinder garden however we need a nice English,French or Italian speeking nanny for some time to spend together in the evenings, when mamy goes to the working trip or to take care when the child is Sick. We travel a lot. We could do it together! Our second home is Italy with the possibility to move there soon. I can provide good conditions.

Marija K.

35-45 Age group

1 child , 2 - years old

Starting: 04 / 2017 - 12 / 2017
Available for: 3 months - 12 months


We are looking for positive, creative and responsible person.

Ella (egle) G.

25-35 Age group

2 children , 6 ,8 - years old

Starting: 11 / 2015 - 12 / 2018
Available for: 18 months - 24 months


I'm a widow with two very independent girls (as I trained them to be like this). Due to my work we are moving to new City in UK and I'll need help with looking after girls and looking after our house. Ideally, I'd like a person with 'I can do' attitude, positive nature, willing to learn and open minded. English our main language at home, though myself additionally speak Russian, Lithuanian and a bit of French. We're quite active family - Rugby, Basketball, Tennis, Swimming and whatever else we can squeeze in. So we need someone with the same fitness level to keep up or someone wanting to lose weight quickly :) We eat nearly everything, but mainly home cooked food. As a family we went through a lot and we can easily understand other people's pain. We all talk openly about our emotions and try to encourage each other. We would love to find au pair, who had the same mindset.

Emma G.

35-45 Age group

3 children , 0, 1,5, 3,5 - years old

Starting: 10 / 2015 - 10 / 2015
Available for: 6 months - 24 months


Dear Aupair, We are busy young family who needs help with so much :-) We live in small, but beautiful place near town Drammen in Norway. The capital Oslo is aprx. 40min drive from us. We live in a house with big space outside. Both parents are young and energic, and wants to work much and continue building business, so we need help in daily life with the kids, dogs, and house :-) We like to travel as well,but it might be not so much travelling in next period, as we will have a baby and two small kids from before.

Ramunas B.

25-35 Age group

3 children , 0,2,8 - years old

Starting: 05 / 2015 - 05 / 2016
Available for: 3 months - 24 months


We are a family of three . We hav 3 girls . 0-2-8 years . Sofia , Anastasija , Evelina . We are an international family with different nationalities . I am from Litauen and my wife from Belarus . We live in small town .

Laura D.

35-45 Age group

3 children , 2,5; 3,5; 9 - years old

Starting: 04 / 2014 - 09 / 2016
Available for: 24 months - 24 months


our family likes traveling, skiing, diving, because we are very hard working and