Add a video clip to your Findaupair profile - it's a great way to show host families something extra special about yourself and to improve your application. Start by thinking about possible topics and what you might like to talk about - your video clip will only be 1-2 minutes long and you should either talk directly to the camera or introduce families to some aspect of your life. Either way, make sure families can see and hear you clearly throughout your video.

Here are some possible topic choices:

  • your hobbies and interests
  • your childcare experience
  • why you want to be an Au Pair
  • your country/culture/customs
  • your family

Think about where you will record your video - in your home, in your garden, in the local park, at your school or workplace - and remember we want to hear and see you. Record your video clip in English and speak clearly.

Save it to your computer ready to upload. Make sure your personality comes across in your video and remember to smile!

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