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Aleksandra B.

21 age, Female

Starting: 04 / 2023 - 09 / 2023
Available for: 6 months - 18 months


I would like to become an au pair because I love being able to help children grow in both an emotional and social aspect. It’s always an endearing experience for me to see the children I nanny/babysit/teach come into their own and understand themselves as people, developing their own confidence and strengths; I feel a sense of pride when I get to observe this because most of the time I’ve been able to either directly or indirectly provide them with the ability to start thinking for themselves through encouragement or even setting an example for them to follow in daily life through routines. As an au pair, I feel as though I’d be able to help the children the same way as I would in my previous childcare based jobs, however it would be a more enriching and personal experience for me since I’d be staying with them and seeing them more often than a standard nannying or babysitting job. I feel as though becoming an au pair would help me gain a deeper sense of pride in myself as well as a greater sense of purpose (as pretentious as that sounds, though I mean it) in my life, and it would make me feel good knowing I’d be able to grow emotionally while helping children do the same thing at the same time. In short, I know I’d enjoy it because I would be able to grow with the children and that would honestly make me happy, as well as providing endearing memories for both me and the family involved to always hold on to and look back on.

Ellyona A.

18 age, Female

Starting: 06 / 2023 - 02 / 2024
Available for: 2 months - 6 months


I would love to be an Au pair because I have always wanted to travel and I love children!

Zoe W.

18 age, Female

Starting: 01 / 2023 - 01 / 2023
Available for: 6 months - 24 months


The reason I would like to be an au pair is to have the ability to experience. To revel and to educate. Being able to help and educated children as they expand my knowledge as well. Being an au pair would allow me to experience e new cultures and learn new ways of life.

Kaitlin M.

23 age, Female

Starting: 11 / 2023 - 12 / 2023
Available for: 12 months - 24 months


I want to be an AU pair because I am interested in moving to Europe from America. I want to grow personally, professionally, and financially as a person as well as learn about other parts of the World. I would like to learn another language(s) and other cultures. I enjoy traveling and taking care of people and I think being an AU pair would be the perfect fit for me.

Evan R.

19 age, Male

Starting: 01 / 2023 - 01 / 2023
Available for: 6 months - 9 months


I would like to become an au pair because I had one as a child and it was a great experience for me. I also i'am planning on transferring to school in the uk/ netherlands and want more experience in europe. I would also like to learn a new lanuage and culture.

Eli C.

20 age, Male

Starting: 01 / 2023 - 09 / 2023
Available for: 2 months - 24 months


Being an AU pair would mean a lot to me. The opportunity to help a family out in need and learn about their language/culture on the way would be amazing as well as exploring the country.

Aliza W.

22 age, Female

Starting: 12 / 2022 - 04 / 2023
Available for: 3 months - 9 months


Hi there, I'm Aliza, and I'm looking to become a Nanny/AuPair. I've always been interested in travel and meeting different kinds of people, and this is a great opportunity to do so while building a community, sharing what I know and helping others. I would describe myself as someone who is comfortable with the familiar, but is eager to try new things.

Hannah S.

27 age, Female

Starting: 04 / 2023 - 10 / 2023
Available for: 6 months - 18 months


I would love to be an au pair because I feel like it would give me a wonderful chance to travel the world while working and helping other families

Kylie J.

24 age, Female

Starting: 04 / 2023 - 06 / 2023
Available for: 1 month - 3 months


Mi piacerebbe davvero visitare nuove parti del mondo. Sto imparando l'italiano e mi piacerebbe avere più opportunità di parlare e interagire in italiano. Sono di livello B1.1 ora. Mi piace imparare a cucinare cibi nuovi. Ho esperienza di lavoro nella cura dei bambini, nella vendita al dettaglio di abbigliamento e nella ristorazione. Sono un nomade digitale e lavoro da remoto la sera a causa della differenza di orario. Ovunque io sia, avrei bisogno di un buon WiFi. I would really love to visit new parts of the world. I am learning Italian, and would love to have more opportunities to speak and interact in Italian. I am level B1.1 now. I love learning to cook new foods. I have experience working in child care, clothing retail, and food service. I am a digital nomad and work remotely in the evenings because of the time difference. Wherever I am at, I would need good WiFi.

Katelin M.

21 age, Female

Starting: 01 / 2023 - 09 / 2023
Available for: 6 months - 18 months


Sono entusiasta di vedere il mondo, conoscere nuove culture, incontrare nuove persone, imparare cose diverse e, soprattutto, conoscere i miei antenati italiani.

Gwendolyn R.

19 age, Female

Starting: 03 / 2023 - 04 / 2023
Available for: 1 month - 3 months


I love taking care of kids and want to explore the world.

Dalia W.

22 age, Female

Starting: 06 / 2023 - 09 / 2023
Available for: 2 months - 3 months


Soy una maestra de primaria y siempre me he gustado la lengua espanol y ensenando ninos bilingues. En el momento, enseno en una comunidad primariamente hispanohablante en los EEUU. Me importa el intercambio y trabajar con ninos.