How to control your powerful feelings?

Do you think that your feelings are dangerous? Maybe a good is starting to control them. There is also true that many of us are afraid of our feelings. Plus, if you are a parent you probably are also afraid of your kid’s emotions because you consider them difficult to handle.

Why are people afraid of emotions?

It is simple. Powerful emotions can be overwhelming. They are so powerful that you can feel them like a hit in your own chest. There is also true that the thing that we are mostly afraid of is that we are not able to deal with these sentiments.

We let them controls us instead and we end up doing things that we regret. Let us give you some examples: did it happen to you to be so angry that you end up smacking your children? Or just making him or her crying? And then, when you calm down and you realize that everything was just exaggerated.

According to that, we would like to tell you that not the feelings are dangerous but the fact that you allow yourself taking actions based on them. You also believe that you “fix” things, but this is just an illusion. You only manage to alleviate or upset your feelings. Sometimes they even become deeper.

Another problem appears when we can’t tolerate our emotions and we put the blame on someone else. For example, when we feel really tired we think that our children are too noisy or too annoying.

How can you cope with all these feelings in order to be a good example for your children?

When you need a day off, we just take. Ask the grandparents to look after your kids, in order to make some time for yourself. You don’t have to go anywhere. You just have to relax and enjoy the simple things such as laying late in bed or watching your favourite films.

Keep your voice low. Do not scream because your kids could start feeling stressed.

When you feel nervous, just go for a walk. Do not interact with your kid. Take a walk and enjoy the fresh air. The, when you feel chill and relax, just go back home and put your arms around your kid.

Talk to someone who has enough experience. You should not feel embarrassed to contact a psychologist. He is the real expert who can help you when you feel low.



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