Children and aggression

Keeping your children from hitting other children may be a real challenge, especially nowadays when it is so easy to lose one’s nerves. But here is a small guide that may help you overcome this problem.

Why children hit other kids?

Odd as may seem, the main reason why children hit others is because they are afraid. Usually, the fear causes trouble and it has deep roots in some frightening memories and experience from before. But in order to manage children’s fear, parents should try to figure out what scares their little ones.

How do parents usually react?

Most of them feel somehow mortified when they found out that their child hits another kid. There is also true that anger embarrasses them. There are parents who have the tendency to see their child as an enemy or as a victim. But neither of these options is the right one.

A few pieces of advice for parents

Prevention is always the key to success. You may think that preventing the hitting is not possible, but you fortunately you are wrong. Here are some techniques that may prove efficient.

Act as a model. If children are raised in an aggressive environment, they would act the same. Home is the place where children should always find love and protection.

Do not blame the kid. Also, do not blame yourself. In the end, you will be able to help him develop empathy. However, the secret of doing that is by showing the consequences of his behaviour. But it does not mean that you should make him feel like a bad person. For example, you may try something like: If you hit Suzanne, she will feel hurt. The pain makes her burst into tears.

Do not scare them more! Usually children who act aggressively get scared. So, they become defensive. The fear makes them think irrationally and this affects their behaviour. They have the tendency to reject everything around them.

Short conclusion

Try to keep calm in order to be a good example for your little one. Do not put the blame on him and try to calm the spirits.


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