Ways to transform bad behaviour


The connection that you create with your child is more important than you think! Your child wants to protect it and meet your expectations(as long as that doesn’t compromise his own integrity). So, if your child acts like a brat, that is a sign that the connection is not strong enough, or your little one has some big feelings that he needs help with in order to handle them.

So what are the ways to transform bratty behavior into acceptable behavior? Let’s see:

Have high expectations for our child’s behavior

Expecting civility in your home is an effective strategy. But keep in mind that this only works for age-appropriate expectations. If your child knows the age appropriate expectations and ignores them, make sure that you improve your connection with him.

Timeout method

Using this method should stop the “bratty” behavior immediately. It’s a symbolic abandonment that is supposed to leave your little one “unprotected” for some time. This method is efficient for little children, but it may stop working when they get older.


If your child is upset hug him. Hugs will help your child feel safe enough to let the upsets that are driving him and your little one might even start crying if there is something that bothers him. If so, leave him do it and give him more hugs. It is recommended to have 9 hugs a day in order to make him want to cooperate.

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