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Gabriela I.

Gabriela I.

35-45 Tranche d'âge

Pas d'enfants

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Commencer: 05 / 2021 - 07 / 2021
Disponible pour: 4 months - 12 months
Nom Gabriela I.
Nationalité Romanian
Langues parlées English
Nous vivons dans Romania
Inscrit le 02/05/2021
Dernière connexion 3 months+
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Introduction personnelle

My name is Gabriela and I am thirtyseven ears old. I do not have children and I am not married, I have a five years old dog Tomy that had some spinal surgeries and needs a bit of special attention at the moment, so I am a little bit caught up and need some help. This is why I am looking for an au pair, a full time nanny or a live-in caretaker (but not in the official sense of taking care of elderly people. I am looking for a young girl that is very self-sufficient (like to spend time by herself, perhaps an introvert, empath), like to read, do yoga, meditate, etc, as we might spend some time for the summer in a village close to the mountain where I have a house. For the winter we will be in Bucharest. Tomy is still recovering and he walks, but his back legs don't function quite perfect so he needs to be carried up and down the stairs, he is not allowed to jump or run, get agitate and twist his spine, or do any sudden moves. I currently live in Bucharest in a studio apartment, but I am at the moment searching for a house with garden, so that Tomy can enjoy the outside more and we have more space for ourselves (you and I). If you come before I find a house, we will have to share the room and the bathroom for a little while (that is why I am looking only for female au pair). The room is big enough so that we can use a divider so both of us can have some privacy until we move. You will have a king size bed. For the summer it is likely that we move to the countryside somewhere close to the mountains, so that we can enjoy some fresh air. The place is called Runcu, Gorj, if you want to google it. Better yet, google Sohodol Keys or Sohodol Valley, it is beautiful and within walking distance to our house. You will also have use of my car if you are a driver, which would be useful but not necessary. We can find language school in Bucharest but I believe they will be online at the moment.

Le travail de l'Au pair

I would need some help in taking care of Tomy and the house. Actually, Tomy does not require too much attention when he is at home. Just that he needs to be taken out three times per day, and sometimes I might be away for a few days so you will need to take charge for me. When I am at home, you will have plenty of time free to go wander around the city and meet new friends. I would also need some help around the house with cleaning, and sometimes maybe grocery shopping or going outside to buy something that we need for the house or Tomy. We will travel from time to time and I do expect you to come with me, as Tomy does not stay put in the car if he is alone in the back, he is afraid or cars. We will also go for a few months in the summer to my house close to the mountains in Runcu, Gorj, where we have a garden and fresh air. It is very quiet there, it is a village, so you need to be very self sufficient and like to spend time by yourself, like reading or doing yoga, taking online courses etc. If you are very socially active, this might not be for you.

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Préfère Au pair du sexe femme
Couples au pair acceptés Non
L'aupair devra conduire oui
Soins aux personnes âgées requis Non
Ménage demandé au pair Moyen

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Famille monoparentale oui
Notre religion Christian Orthodox
Nous pratiquons notre religion Non
Nous avons des enfants avec des besoins spéciaux oui
Nous avons besoin de garde pour les enfants de moins de 2 ans Non