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Ioannis B.

Ioannis B.

35-45 Tranche d'âge

1 enfant , 5 - ans

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Commencer: 12 / 2018 - 12 / 2018
Disponible pour: 6 months - 24 months
Nom Ioannis B.
Nationalité Greek
Langues parlées English
Nous vivons dans Finland
Inscrit le 22/07/2017
Dernière connexion 3 months+
If you see a WhatsApp or email address here don’t contact this family. They may be scammers.

Introduction personnelle

We are a family consisting of a 37 years old gentleman from Greece, a 35 years old lady from Finland and our – the moment this text is being written – 5 year old boy. For the time being we both work on science; biophysics and genetics respectively. We are genuine citizens of the universe; intelligent, well-educated, highly critical-thinking individuals possessing pluralistic profiles, living way outside the rat-race and being involved in science, arts, sports and activities in a non-competing manner. We have a very kind attitude and we are willing and eager to warmly share our nest on equal terms (feel free to form your own interpretation of this statement). We are looking for an English-speaking, culturally – critically – open-minded and smart female au pair in order to help us with taking care of our son and our household. We wish to find a healthy individual who possesses a very high sense of responsibility with respect to health- and safety-related issues. Beyond that and our consistency as employers, with respect to both a previously agreed salary and the quality of the accommodation we provide, we do not wish to develop a relationship on a strict basis and have a person who will be and stay an outsider in our house. Instead, we picture our co-existence as a sharing mini-tribe. Experience is greatly appreciated; character and attitude even more. Driving license is a big plus. We prefer EU nationals just because of needing an au pair as soon as possible, but don't get discouraged to apply from anywhere, on condition that you are determined and able to go through the paperwork fast. We have not spent our lives inside a closet, we carry tons of experiences, and I happen to also have experience with life coaching; we thus have good reasons to believe we can have a tremendous impact on your personal growth. When it comes to languages, here you can learn Finnish and/or Hellenic and/or improve your English. If you feel like staying in Finland longer than the au pair program, we can help you with that.

Le travail de l'Au pair

In the past we had one pair from Kenya, and we are proud to say that her life has improved by a zillion per cent since she came to live with us. She now lives permanently in Finland, we still have an excellent relationship, and we are like family. Thereafter we have been using daycare services. However, due to work obligations, we will be needing an au pair on top of that, to fill babysitting gaps, cook, help with the household, and enjoy life with us. The au pair program in Finland lasts for maximum one year (and we want to use all of the time), and to be eligible you need to be less than 30 years old. You will be part of everything, including going to Greece in the summer.

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Préfère Au pair du sexe femme
Couples au pair acceptés Non
L'aupair devra conduire Non
Soins aux personnes âgées requis Non
Ménage demandé au pair Moyen

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Famille monoparentale Non
Notre religion Atheist
Nous pratiquons notre religion Non
Nous avons des enfants avec des besoins spéciaux Non
Nous avons besoin de garde pour les enfants de moins de 2 ans Non