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Hanna R.

Hanna R.

18 âge, femme

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Départ: 07 / 2023 - 05 / 2024
Disponible pour: 1 month - 12 months
Nom Hanna R.
Nationalité Polish
Langues parlées English
Vivant maintenant dans United Kingdom
Veut être un au pair à Netherlands , Spain , Italy
Inscrit le 31/12/2022
Dernière connexion 3 months+
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Introduction personnelle

Dear host family, My name is Hanna (Hania) and I am looking forward to becoming an au pair, during my gap year (from July 2023 onwards), before I start university during the end of 2024. I'm currently living in a busy city in Norfolk, England, whilst studying philosophy, psychology and art, in my final year of A-levels, which I will be completing my final exams for in May. As an immigrant (being originally born in Poland), different cultures and languages have always fascinated me. Whilst being fully fluent in both Polish and English from a very young age, I have studied French and Spanish at school, and more recently, Japanese, while teaching myself Dutch and Italian online. Because of this, I have a great affluence to new languages, and can pick them up with ease, hence why I believe I make a good candidate for an au pair. Apart from this, I have an abundance of experience in childcare. As an eldest daughter, with two younger brothers (4 and 7 years apart from me in age) I regularly take on the position of a "third parent" in my household helping out with chores, making meals, assisting with emotional situations that my brothers may be going through, tutoring and giving extra help with homework- whilst studying full time, and working 18+ hours a week at two part time jobs - so I'm very adaptable to all situations, including very busy ones, that require hard work, independence and team work. Additionally, I have a history in babysitting for a few years, around my local area, in all different family situations and backgrounds. Because of this involvement, I have developed skills which I believe are vital when looking after children - patience, open-mindedness, and problem solving. I believe every child requires a different approach in being looked after, and as being the carer, flexibility is essential, whilst respecting and communicating with the parent(s) what they expect from me as well. This is furtherly highlighted in the opportunities I've had in helping my mother when she was a nursery school teacher. She worked in both a Montessori school (an alternative way of learning that I also underwent when I was younger), and a traditional UK nursery - in which I both regularly attended to gain experience and help out with caring for the children. Not only this, but I am also capable in helping out in a family with a child with special needs - as I have had exposure to children with autism in the past, which allowed me to furtherly develop my understanding and compassion in childcare, with what each specific child needed. Furthermore, being an au pair aligns with my succeeding goals and ambitions of being a child and developmental psychologist - I aim to work with children in the future, and this is key additional experience I hope to gain in the coming year. Aside from this, some extra information about me - I enjoy studying art history, reading literature, going to the beach, drawing, and experiencing new things. Thank you for taking the time to read my profile and I can't wait to hear from you!

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Avez-vous déjà travaillé dans le pays que vous avez sélectionné ? Non
Lieu préféré A Capital City
Ferez-vous le ménage ? oui
Prendrez-vous soin d'enfants de moins de 2 ans ? oui
Âge préféré des enfants
Accepterez-vous une famille monoparentale ? oui
Prendrez-vous soin d'enfants ayant des besoins spéciaux? oui
Allez-vous vous occuper des animaux de compagnie? oui
Prendrez-vous soin des personnes âgées ? Non

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État civil Single
faites vous partie d'un couple au pair ? Non
Avez-vous un permis de conduire? Non
Depuis combien de temps avez-vous un permis de conduire ? Moins de 1 an
Êtes-vous prêt à conduire? Non
Considérations diététiques None
La religion No Religion
Pratiquez-vous votre religion ? Non
Avez-vous déjà travaillé comme un au pair ? Non