Au pair in Spain

Au pair programs and visa information in Spain:

The pu pair must be single and between the ages of 18 and 27 years old and can work in Spain as an au pair for up to a maximum of two years.

EU Citizens do not need a visa to au pair in Spain. Non-EU citizens, simply need to contact their local Spanish consulate (embassy) and request a visa. Non-EU citizens need to enrol in a Spanish Language course (15 class minimum) before their arrival, to obtain their visa for a stay of more than three months in Spain. This can be done while awaiting visa processing.

The au pairs will generally work 30 hours per week: 5 hours every day (Monday to Saturday mornings) or 6 hours a day (Monday to Friday), whichever is better for the family. Two nights of baby-sitting (for just a couple of hours) are required also. Timetables may differ during school holidays, however if the family requires the Au-pair to work more than 6 hours a day they should compensate the au pair for these extra hours. The au pair will get at least one and a half free days during the weekend, plus free time during the day and some evenings to let her attend her Spanish lessons and meet new people or with friends.

The amount of pocket money stipulated is 50€-60€ per week for 30 working hours plus 1 or 2 nights of baby-sitting. The au pair plus is paid 80€-90€ per week for 40 work hours per week plus 1 or 2 nights of baby-sitting.

The au pair is responsible for the costs of her travel to and from her country.

The cost of Spanish lessons is paid by the au pair. It costs approximately 480€ a month.

EU citizens have all health costs covered by the Social Health Security of Spain. Au pairs must have obtained a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), before leaving their country, which will enable them to enter the Social Security System of Spain. Non-EU citizens must be able to present documentation of medical insurance of another kind.