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Meltem K.

Meltem K.

29 Alter, Weiblich

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Start: 05 / 2024 - 06 / 2024
Verfügbar für: 1 month - 6 months
Name Meltem K.
Staatsangehörigkeit Turkish
Gesprochene Sprache(n) English
Jetzt wohnhaft in Greece
Möchte als Au Pair in sein Greece
Registriert am 28/05/2024
Letzte Anmeldung 2 weeks ago
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Persönliche Einführung

My journey has been one of diverse experiences across different cultures, languages, and professional settings. Becoming an Au Pair is the perfect next step for me, aligning seamlessly with my passion for childcare, cultural exchange, and personal growth. Passion for Childcare: My previous experiences as an Au Pair in various countries have deepened my love for working with children. I find great joy in nurturing young minds, helping them navigate their daily challenges, and contributing to their overall development. The opportunity to create a safe, fun, and educational environment for children is incredibly fulfilling for me. Cultural Exchange: Having lived and worked in multiple countries, I have developed a strong appreciation for cultural diversity. As an Au Pair, I am excited about the chance to immerse myself in a new culture, learn from it, and share my own cultural background with the host family. This exchange enriches both my life and the lives of those I interact with, fostering mutual understanding and respect. Personal Growth: Being an Au Pair offers a unique combination of responsibility and adventure. It challenges me to adapt to new environments, develop problem-solving skills, and build meaningful relationships. Each experience as an Au Pair has taught me valuable lessons in patience, communication, and adaptability—skills that are essential for both personal and professional growth. Professional Development: My background in tourism, hospitality management, and cross-cultural communication has equipped me with the skills to thrive in dynamic environments. As an Au Pair, I can further enhance these skills while contributing positively to a family's daily life. This role allows me to combine my professional expertise with my passion for childcare, making it a rewarding and holistic experience. Language Skills: Fluent in Turkish and English, with working knowledge of German and Italian, I am eager to continue improving my language skills through daily interactions with the host family and their children. Language immersion is a powerful tool for learning, and I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to enhance my proficiency. Becoming an Au Pair is not just about providing childcare; it is about forming lasting connections, embracing new challenges, and growing as an individual. I am committed to bringing my dedication, enthusiasm, and diverse skill set to the role, ensuring a positive and enriching experience for both the children and the host family.


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Bevorzugter Standort A City
Werden Sie die Hausarbeit machen? Ja
Werden Sie für Kinder unter 2 Jahren sorgen? Ja
Bevorzugtes Alter der Kinder All
Werden Sie eine alleinerziehende Familie akzeptieren? Ja
Werden Sie für Kinder mit besonderen Bedürfnissen sorgen? Nein
Werden Sie sich um Haustiere kümmern? Ja
Werden Sie sich um ältere Menschen kümmern? Ja


Familienstand Single
Gehören Sie zu einem Au-pair-Paar? Ja
Haben Sie einen Führerschein? Nein
Wie lange haben Sie schon einen Führerschein? Unter 1 Jahr
Sind Sie bereit zu fahren? Nein
Diätetische Überlegungen None
Religion No Religion
Üben Sie Ihre Religion aus? Nein
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