Saying “no” to your children is one of the most difficult missions for parents, due to the long list of consequences. But, we have great news. Dear parents, here are the solutions to one of the biggest problems. Check the options and let us know how it works.

Kids need explanations

Regardless the age of your little ones, try to find the right words and explain them the reasons why you have to refuse to do something. For example, let’s say that you are in a shopping center and your kids fall in love with a Teddy Bear that cost you as much as the rent that you pay for your apartment. Let your kids know that you cannot afford to pay for the Teddy Bear because you have other priorities. Pay attention to the tone of your voice. Do not let your children think that you are arguing because they would end up being afraid of asking you something.

Do not make promises that you cannot keep

There are many parents who say that they can refuse to do or to buy something to their children, by making a fake promise. It is nothing but a way of avoiding taking responsibility. For example: “I cannot buy you that bike that you asked me for now, but I will do that after some time”. There is nothing wrong with this phrase if you intend to keep your promise. But if you do not, then you should not make this promise because your children will be disappointed and they will not take you for granted when you will promise them something else. What is more, they will not trust your word anymore.

Search for solutions

If your kids do not ask for something out of the ordinary, but you do not have the budget to help them get what they want, you should search for cheaper solutions. For example, if they want you to organize a fancy party with all of their friends, you can suggest a cheaper version of this party.

Learn how to negotiate

Is your kid attracted to your phone? Well, if the answer is “yes”, and he or she asks you to play with it all the time, you should take actions. Kids are not allowed to spend too much time glued to devices such as phones, pads or laptops. But, you cannot just refuse them, due to the fact that you would end up arguing. The best suggestion is negotiating. Tell your kids that you would give them the smartphone for playing only if they finish their homework. If they do not, they will not receive the device and they would have to find anything else for playing.

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