How can parents cope with fear? – Three easy steps


Being afraid of something is one of the most annoying and also uncomfortable feelings that will always make you take the worst decisions. And by far, one of the terrifying things is being afraid that something bad could happen to your child. However, psychologists claim that it is perfectly normal for a parent to feel so, especially if he or she has been through a bad experience before. But, in order to help you, here is a small guide which will show you how to cope with fear. Check it twice in order to make sure that you will not miss anything.

Identify your fear
Have you heard of the old legend which says that if you name your fear, it will lose its power? If the answer is not, you will have to try this. Just take a deep breath and start thinking about what makes you feel afraid. If you feel comfortable, you can write down these things on a small piece of paper. You do not have to keep the paper, but it will definitely help you feel better. Maybe you are afraid that your children will get sick or maybe you think that they will be ashamed of you when they will grow up. Regardless your reasons, just give a name to your fear and it will start losing its power.

Talk to someone about your feelings
If you do not have a close friend that you can trust, you can ask for the professional help of a counselor. In most of the cases, talking about what makes you feel terrified is the best way to cope with that feeling. Also, bear in mind that a child may seem so fragile that your first instinct will be to protect him or her, no matter how difficult it could be. It is normal to feel that way, but, still, you have to act rationally.

Set out some limits
Believe it or not, there are many parents who do not realize that they can become overprotective when it comes to their kids. Do not be part of that category because it would only affect your child’s behavior. For example, there are studies which show that a child who has been kept in a castle of glass, will become nothing but an insecure or spoiled teenager.

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