Improve your mood using gratitude


Research shows that a bad mood can be shifted with a simple appreciation storm. During the day, you can use this practice to improve your mood, anytime you want. See a few tips on how to do it:

Thank people you meet during the day

The person that served your coffee? The one that took care of your children? Show them a little gratitude.

Before sleep write down three things you’re grateful for

Scientists say that people who do that tend to get happy almost immediately and stay this way for a long time as long as they continue with this practice. So, your child gave you a hard time today? Think about three things that he did and made you appreciate him.

Express gratitude for what life gave you until now

During the day, you can breathe deeply and show gratitude for the things you have achieved so far. Making this exercise can be really helpful to make you more positive.

It doesn’t matter how hard your day was, there will always be something to be grateful about. Shift your mood and surpass any challenge during the day.

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