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Vadim N.

35-45 Age group

3 children , 1.5, 6, 8 - years old

Starting: 07 / 2019 - 08 / 2020
Available for: 1 month - 18 months


We are yang family that is looking for summer time au pair. We live in a big house in the city center. We are surrounded by wild nature, we have a lot of possibilities for fun and activities. We will be very pleased to invite some responsible and smart candidate.

Catalin I.

45+ Age group

2 children , 6 months, 6 months - years old

Starting: 04 / 2018 - 06 / 2018
Available for: 12 months - 24 months


Looking for an active and enthusiastic nanny/au pair to live with us in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Our twins are 6 months old, and very lovely.

Mike C.

35-45 Age group

2 children , 9,7 - years old

Starting: 08 / 2017 - 06 / 2018
Available for: 12 months - 24 months


I am single father working in Kazakhstan. My daughters are with me and I would need someone to stay at our place to look after them when I am at work. I need to go on business trip about 5 days per months.

Aliya M.

35-45 Age group

2 children , 8, 5 - years old

Starting: 09 / 2016 - 10 / 2016
Available for: 9 months - 24 months


Dear au pair, we are a kazakh family with two kids (8 and 5 years old), we have also got 2 elder kids, but they have recently left our home to do their studies abroad. At home we speak Russian, the children and I speak good English. We are an international family: my brother-in-law is French, my sister and my nephews speak fluent French and 2 of our smaller kids are learning French. We are therefore looking for an au pair girl whose mother tongue is French to teach French to both kids. We are looking for a girl from France, Belgium, Switzerland or Canada (French-speaking part) who loves children to assist us in taking care of them as well as teach them your native French. We live in a beautiful and multi-ethnical city of Almaty of the Republic of Kazakhstan not far from the mountains. We live in a house with a beautiful garden. The climate is really continental in Kazakhstan, therefore all 4 seasons are really present during the year, but it is always sunny here. The kids often spend their free time outside playing with a ball, riding bicycles or playing with snow and skiing in winter. They go to school from 8 am to 5 pm including after-school activities and are free during weekends. They study in Russian and learn French and English at school. After school they do their school homework.

Baris O.

25-35 Age group

1 child , 3 months - years old

Starting: 01 / 2014 - 07 / 2015
Available for: 12 months - 24 months


e are a family of three (me, wife and newborn son – 3 months old -) and looking for a nanny who would be able to accommodate with us in Atyrau/Kazakhstan. Our home is large enough for accommodation of 5 people comfortably. I am a Turkish Citizen working in Atyrau and my wife is Ukrainian. We are traveling to abroad 3 to 4 times a year for 45 days in total, in those travels nanny is not required any she can leave for her rotation also. We would really be glad if you can advice if this is interesting for you or not. If yes we can discuss the details.