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Mhmad K.

25-35 Age group

2 children , 4,6 - years old

Starting: 01 / 2018 - 01 / 2019
Available for: 1 month - 12 months



Iris U.

45+ Age group

2 children , 7, 12 - years old

Starting: 11 / 2017 - 11 / 2017
Available for: 6 months - 24 months


We will be moving from Maputo to Amman shortly and are looking for a friendly, reliable and responsible au pair to join us!

Marianne J.

25-35 Age group

1 child , 1 - years old

Starting: 04 / 2016 - 05 / 2016
Available for: 2 months - 12 months


Lisää 3 / 507 Laajenna kaikki Tulosta kaikki Uudessa ikkunassa au pair haku Postilaatikko x Marianne Järvinen Hi! We are a multicultural family living in the beautiful Wadi Rum, Jordan. O... 18.01 (1 tunti sitten) Marianne (EMAIL ADDRESS DELETED) 18.11 (1 tunti sitten) -> minä Hi! We are a multicultural family living in the beautiful Wadi Rum, Jordan. Our village is situated between two big mountains, it's a beautiful valley, called the Valley of the Moon. Right at our backyard starts the vast Wadi Rum desert. Our village is very small, relaxed and safe - everyone knows each other and it's a one great big family. My husband is a Jordanian Bedouin, raised in the deserts of Wadi Rum. He works as a tourist guide and many times we have international guests staying with us. You can also join in some of the tours and see the beautiful surroundings and the desert of Wadi Rum. Our guides are all very experienced since they have lived all their lives in desert - they know it like they know their pockets. Me myself, I'm from Finland and I've traveled and live in many countries. I speak fluently Finnish, Spanish and English. I have basic knowledge in Arabic and Swedish. My husband speaks Arabic and English - he is quite funny and people tend to like him. We are very laid-back and outgoing family. We have had girls from different nationalities staying with us before (age 18-30 years) and all of them have grown to be very dear friends to us. We welcome our guests with open hands and do our best to make them feel comfortable around us. We will take a good

Manar A.

25-35 Age group

No children

Starting: 11 / 2015 - 01 / 2018
Available for: 1 month - 24 months



Sanja S.

35-45 Age group

2 children , 3,5 , 1,5 - years old

Starting: 11 / 2014 - 11 / 2014
Available for: 9 months - 24 months


We are full time working parents and looking for an honest, reliable person who can prepare our daughters for the preschool, send them safely , wait for them, play with them and be able to take care of their safety, well being and development . We are family who appreciate family values and put the children on the first place . We like family routine and have dynamics jobs but we do not want to neglect the girls and always looking for their wellbeing.

Nally H.

35-45 Age group

3 children , 8.10.14 - years old

Starting: 07 / 2014 - 06 / 2015
Available for: 9 months - 24 months


- About us We are a family composed of 5 persons. Me (khaled) & my wife (sammar) & our 3 sons, ghalia (14), ammal (11) & sannad (9). I am a film director who owns his private multimedia production company. My sons do lots of activities such as swimming, reading, dancing, singing & watching films. The broad spectrum environment that varies from sea to mountain makes going out side the home especially at the weekends one of the most amazing experiences that a person should never miss it in Jordan.

Rita S.

35-45 Age group

2 children , 1, 4 - years old

Starting: 09 / 2014 - 11 / 2014
Available for: 1 month - 24 months


Would you like to experience the Arab culture and learn Arabic? We are a Swedish-Jordanian family offering you to stay with us for a shorter or longer period. We live in a quiet area just outside of Amman. It's a gated community called Andalucia where you can enjoy walking, jogging, biking etc. It's a very nice place. Amman is a modern city and Jordan is sunny almost all year around. The Dead Sea is close by and also nice tracking areas. Jordanians are known for their hospitality. I work as a school doctor and my husband as Director of Strategic Studies and Evaluation at the office of His Majesty the King of Jordan at the Royal Court. He is a university professor of Political Science and specialist in Public Opinion, Democracy and Governance and he will be willing to help supervise any academic work you will have. We both work full time and thus life is somewhat busy since we also have a full social calendar. We regularly invite people over. We have two children, a girl 4 years old and a boy 1 year old. We speak Swedish and Arabic at home and are fluent in English. Our daughter understands and speaks English quite well. We love gardening, cooking, spending time with family, playing outdoors, watching movies, having friends over. The children go to nursery and KG which leaves you plenty of time to study Arabic, help with the house, and whatever hobbies you have. You will have your own spacious room. We hope you will become a new family member.