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Nourhen M.

23 age, Female

Starting: 11 / 2022 - 01 / 2023
Available for: 1 month - 24 months


Madame, Monsieur, Je m’appelle Nourhen, j’ai 23 ans. Je viens de terminer mes études de BTS commerce international à Tunis (Tunisie) en octobre 22. Avant de démarrer ma vie professionnelle, j’ai décidé de faire une pause pour faire fille au pair. Parce que d’une part je suis passionnée par la garde des enfants et d’autre part par l’envie de connaître d’autres cultures. Le concept fille au pair m’a beaucoup intéressé parce qu’il correspond exactement à mes attentes. Concernant l’hébergement, j’aimerais être hébergée par la famille pour plus de disponibilité pour garder les enfants mais aussi pour avoir plus de temps pour communiquer avec la famille sur le plan culturel. Issue d’une famille nombreuse, depuis mon jeune âge, j’ai gardé mes petites sœurs et je me suis bien occupée d’elles et par conséquent je suis convaincue que je peux vous amener une aide précieuse pour garder les vôtres. Espérant que vous me fassiez confiance, veuillez agréer, Madame, Monsieur, mes sincères salutations.

Asma H.

25 age, Female

Starting: 01 / 2023 - 01 / 2024
Available for: 6 months - 18 months


I really like and enjoy dealing with childrens and olders ,taking care of them and passing time with them in doing somethings meaningful and new . I also want to establish good relationships with families and to learn to cope up with new responsibility Besides travelling for the very first time to another country all on my own and to live there, speak a foreign language, meet new people, take care of children, and handle important responsibilities. All of this together makes au pairing an adventure that I will never forget This opportunity will help me experiencing highs and lows and doing new things. These experiences will make me grow and let me learn lots and lots about myself

Emna S.

22 age, Female

Starting: 12 / 2022 - 06 / 2023
Available for: 1 month - 4 months


My motivation to become an aupair is to experience the culture first hand and to get the opportunity to work with children. I love working with kids, they are so adorable.I would love to meet new people and have an authentic experience in a new country. I enjoy childcare and want to create a fun and engaging environment for children. I would also like to learn new languages.

Nidhal G.

24 age, Male

Starting: 11 / 2022 - 03 / 2024
Available for: 6 months - 24 months


My name is Nidal, I'm 24, I live in Tunisia. I want to be a pair because I can provide this help and these are works because I took care of my grandmother and grandfather all the time and helped old people, even young people, and I can do that, and you can do my experience

Zouhair S.

28 age, Male

Starting: 12 / 2022 - 03 / 2024
Available for: 24 months - 24 months


Hello, I want to participate ... I love to help people and have good relationships and learn from that and improve my culture of life. I believe that everyone has something to learn from, even if he is a small child. Children are a beautiful and beautiful thing in life and I want to help them. When I see a child learning, I feel happy. I hope to be with you and help as much as possible in everything, especially taking care of the elderly since the death of my father, and I feel that everyone should If he helps the elderly and respects him and treats him like a father or a mother...

Hanen M.

26 age, Female

Starting: 11 / 2022 - 03 / 2024
Available for: 12 months - 24 months


Dear host family, I am very interested about your job offer. But, first of all, I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Hanen Mathlouthi. I am 26 years old and from the small city Ariana in Tunisia. With my parents, Tawfik (63) and Nahla (56), my sister Leyla (34), my brother walid (30) with his wife and baby iyed and my brother Amine (25), I am living in a house that is located in a dynamic area. We have one cat and one dog, who love to cuddle all day. My father is retired. He was a civil servant in the ministry of agriculture and my mother is a housewife. Leyla is currently a payroll manager in an accounting firm and my brother is working in Qatar. I would describe myself as a reliable and caring person, who tries to make the best out of every situation. I like spending time with my friends; they are – as well as my family – very important to me. Always trying to help, I’m always there for them if they need me. In my free time, I like to listen to music, practise sports, painting or dance. Dancing is one of my favorite hobbies and I am also teaching young children at a local dancing club. Furthermore, I enjoy reading a good book and singing . Every summer, I supervise children at a local club and I give them French and English cours. At the moment, I work as an urban planner in a good company. I enjoy this job very much, because I am able to practise my passion and improve myself. I was in Istanbul in 2019 for a voluntary internship with AIESEC for 2 and a half months, and I was welcomed by a host family during this period. I had a very pleasant stay and it was an honor for me. This host family has become like my second family, we have many memories and we are in contact and on good terms until today. For the past ten years, I took care of children of all ages from different families. I became very close to them and I cherish the time I have spent with them. When my cousins were younger, I also took care of them, when their mum was working. Through this time, I have found out how much fun it is to have children around, I can’t imagine a life without them. The reason why I want to go to Istanbul as an au pair is that I want to get to know the Turkish way of life as well as different cultures. Most importantly, it would be a great chance to spend time taking care of children. And of course, it would be great to improve my Turkish skills as well. I hope we can develop a good relationship, working and living together as a family. I would be very happy to experience an eventful time with you and your kids. I am looking forward to talking to you. Best regards

Nesria T.

44 age, Female

Starting: 12 / 2022 - 12 / 2023
Available for: 4 months - 24 months


I love children and i don't have one because i'm never married that's why i will occuped to children and will have a good experience with them

Salma B.

24 age, Female

Starting: 09 / 2023 - 10 / 2023
Available for: 12 months - 24 months


I want to be an au pair because I liked the idea of it, and I'm motivated because I think this is what I want to do. To be in the country that I dreamt to visit with and live with a family and be a part of it by being responsible in my new environment. The most important of this experience is the Children care, this is my dream to take care of a child and have a good time with him/her and give my best energy in the home.

Rania A.

23 age, Female

Starting: 01 / 2023 - 03 / 2023
Available for: 6 months - 24 months


I'm looking for new experiences with children, especially since I love working with kids. I'm a cultural animator and I'm capable of working with children. I can help with homework, art projects, and outdoor and indoor activities. I'll be glad if you allow me the opportunity to live such a new experience.

Roudayna M.

19 age, Female

Starting: 11 / 2022 - 12 / 2023
Available for: 12 months - 24 months


Jaime tellement les enfants, m occupe deux et les aider a souvrir a de nouvelles cultures et a une nouvelle langue