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Bryan J.

Bryan J.

18 age, Male

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Starting: 07 / 2024 - 10 / 2024
Available for: 9 months - 12 months
Name Bryan J.
Nationality French
Spoken language(s) French
Now living in France
Wants to be an au pair in United States of America , United States of America , United States of America
Registered on 25/02/2024
Last login 9 hours ago
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Personal introduction

Hello ! My name is Bryan, and I'm a young Frenchman who'll be 18 when I leave (I'm of legal age in my country). Ever since I was very young, I've dreamed of visiting the United States and discovering all that this magnificent country has to offer. Becoming an au pair is a chance for me to experience professional life while discovering a new culture, new people and a new way of life. I'm an easy-going person, so I'll adapt easily to your rules of life. I love to laugh, learn new things and travel. Spending a year with you would be an incredible and enriching experience as we have a lot to contribute by learning from each other and confronting our different cultures. I hope to find a warm and friendly family who will help me to improve my language skills and discover new things. I like animals and don't mind taking care of them. Cooking and doing some household chores would be a great way for me to help out. (I help my parents a lot around the house, and I'm very tidy). I hope you'll like the person I am and that we'll be able to talk soon! I'm someone who loves to laugh, learn new things and travel. I may seem shy at first, but once you get to know me and I gain confidence, I'm very open and friendly. I'm very mature, open-minded, loyal, caring and independent. I'm both calm and collected, and committed to what I do. I'll adapt easily to a new way of life and a new place, which for me presents a new challenge and will enable me to grow intellectually, and then to be able to confront any type of problem that may stand in my way. I live with my two parents (~40) and a brother (15) in a small village in the south of France, famous for its fine wine. My father is a company director and my mother works in the public sector. My father works a lot, both at his job and at home, where he's had a lot of work done. The last few years have been hard on me and my family, with the move, Covid, and my mother's health problems. I'm single but not really interested in that kind of thing at the moment :) I already have a first diploma of studies called the Brevet des collèges, which is the equivalent of the diploma of the end of Middle School in your country. I'm currently in my last year of high school in a small town. I will be taking the baccalaureate in June, which is the equivalent diploma to the "High School Diploma" in the United States. I am invested in school life (Citizenship Education Honor Diploma, and have participated in litter pick days in nature. I hold several first-aid diplomas, such as awareness of life-saving gestures, and above all the PSC1 (Civil Protection, and Civic aid ) (Choking, fainting, respiratory arrest, fires...) which I passed a month ago. I also passed the "Aeronautical initiation certificate". I've been a learner driver for almost 2 years (supervised driving), and I'm taking my driving test in March. So I'm well trained in driving. My plan is to take a break before going back to university to study law, so that I can evolve and open up more to the world, which will enable me to think about my future. There are lots of things I like to do. I practice and have practiced many sports, such as swimming, judo, tennis, and currently badminton. So I know how to swim, ride a bike and ski. I'm also going paragliding for my birthday. I was also involved in cultural activities when I was younger, such as choir and theater. I also play the piano, having taken lessons for several years. For a long time, I collected LEGOs. I've always loved construction games. When it comes to reading, I'm more into comics. I really like movies and TV series, and I also like going to theme parks etc... I also play a few video games. In my spare time, I often go to see my cousins or my granny, with whom we play lots of board games. With my cousin, who has horses, we often take care of them and go for walks with them. I have often taking care and still taking care of my little cousins. They are currently between 2 and 12 years old. My brother and I spend a lot of time with them, as we're very close. We play board games together, cook, go for walks and so on. We never get bored! During the next school vacations in April, I plan to do an internship in a leisure center. I'd also like to babysit in my spare time (Wednesday afternoons and weekends). My mother tongue is French, because that's where I was born. My mother's family is Spanish, and we have cousins who live in southern Spain, where we go regularly. My maternal great-grandparents were Spanish, and came to live in France after their marriage, but they always spoke Spanish to us. So I'm very familiar with the language. At school we learn English and Spanish, and I took an English major at my lycée because I love the language. I also try to learn the language on my own by watching English series with French subtitles. My level is A2~B1, but the best way to learn would be to experience the language in an English-speaking country! I've never lived in a foreign country, but my family and I travel a lot. In France, but also abroad. We've been to the UK (London), Italy (Rome), and several regions of France and Spain. I really like capitals like London and Paris. Being an au pair is an obvious project for me. Moving to the United States has been a dream of mine for several years, and I'd do anything to make it come true. I need to discover something new and discover this place I don't know, which makes me envious by everything I see on TV, the information I read in books and on the Internet, and by everything I hear from people who have been there. In my family, many people have left France to live in another country: London, Denmark, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, and also the United States... maybe it's in my blood ;) But above all, being an au pair means combining my dream with my desire to help others. I love taking care of children, they're quite funny and bring joy, and deep down I'm a big kid always looking for a laugh. I like to satisfy people, while achieving my goals. I have no doubt that this experience will enable me to overcome my fears, gain self-confidence, make myself a better person and change myself so that I can succeed in whatever I undertake. If I can also provide a great experience for the family with whom I'll be making a small life journey, everyone will be a winner ;) For me, a good family is one that listens and is patient, that cares about its au pair, that helps him discover this life that is so new to him, that helps him learn the language, as much as I can help him discover my culture and my language. It will be a beneficial experience for the family as much as for me. I hope I'll be able to spend some quality time with them, and that they'll like me as much as I like them. The family also needs to be honest about who they are, as much as I am, so as to avoid bad experiences when I arrive, as has been the case with many au pairs... I expect it to be a real moment of sharing and an enriching experience for both sides. It's an opportunity that doesn't come along very often, so don't waste it :) I hope you liked my profile and that we can get in touch soon. Have a nice day!

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Worked before in your selected country? No
Preferred location Any
Will you do housework? Yes
Will you care for children under age 2? No
Preferred ages of children
Will you accept a single parent family? Yes
Will you care for special needs children? Yes
Will you care for pets? Yes
Will you care for elderly people? No


Marital status Single
Are you part of an au pair couple? No
Do you have a driving licence? Yes
How long have you had a driving licence? Under 1 Year
Are you willing to drive? Yes
Dietary considerations None
Religion No Religion
Do you practice your religion? No
Have you ever worked as an Au pair? No