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Maribel O.

20 età, Femminile

Inizia: 07 / 2024 - 08 / 2024
Disponibile per: 6 months - 12 months


¡Hola querida familia! Soy Maribel, mi objetivo de ser au pair es tener una buena experiencia y crear buenos recuerdos, cuidar niños es algo grandioso para mí porque estoy segura de que los niños merecen ser felices. Soy una chica a la que le gustan los retos, me puedo adaptar fácilmente a ...

Miguel O.

28 età, Maschile

Inizia: 05 / 2024 - 06 / 2024
Disponibile per: 9 months - 12 months


I love getting to know new cultures, new people and new places, I am an outgoing, fun person, willing to help with the housework, as well as going out to see the environment in my free time, I have experience taking care of children, my little sister especially and then to my nephews especially. I ...

Brian C.

23 età, Maschile

Inizia: 07 / 2024 - 07 / 2025
Disponibile per: 6 months - 24 months


The reason I want to embark on this experience is simple: I crave new challenges in life. Being a young individual filled with energy and a desire to make things happen, I feel the need to test myself and broaden my horizons. I've always believed that challenges are the best opportunities for ...

Karla B.

22 età, Femminile

Inizia: 08 / 2024 - 09 / 2024
Disponibile per: 6 months - 12 months


I really want to be an au pair because I really like kids since I was younger, I have enjoyed them and their care, the kids are little beings full of light, innocence and love and I have a lot of fun with them, I really like playing with them , take care of them, teach them things and learn from ...