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Natalie F.

Natalie F.

25-35 Fascia di età

2 bambini , 0,0 - anni

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Inizia: 02 / 2021 - 03 / 2021
Disponibile per: 6 months - 18 months
Nome Natalie F.
Nazionalità Canadian
Lingua(e) parlata(e) English
Viviamo in Canada
Registrato il 11/08/2020
L’ultimo accesso 3 months+
If you see a WhatsApp or email address here don’t contact this family. They may be scammers.

Introduzione personale

Hello. We are Natalie, Jeff, Layla and Sierra Friesen. We are looking for someone to look after Layla and Sierra as we work as family doctors. We love to travel ourselves, having recently lived in New Zealand for one year. We are familiar with hosting international guests, and love to learn about new cultures and countries.

Il lavoro dell’Au pair

The au pair will have to look after Layla and Sierra on the days that Natalie is working (currently full day Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning). The au pair would also have to look after them while Natalie is doing errands on other days of the week. It would be appreciated if the au pair could cook on Monday and Wednesdays. It would also be expected that she would help with some of the cleaning of the house (vacuuming, dusting, cleaning bathrooms, laundry). We also would want the au pair to have time to explore the area as well, and would be flexible to give him or her free time during the week. We will provide room and board, and a small weekly stipend.

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Preferisco Au pair di sesso Femminile
Accettate le coppie alla pari No
L’Aupair dovrà guidare Si
È richiesta l'assistenza agli anziani No
Lavori domestici richiesti all'Au pair Medio


Famiglia monoparentale No
La nostra religione Roman Catholic
Pratichiamo la nostra religione Si
Abbiamo bambini con bisogni speciali No
Abbiamo bisogno di assistenza per i bambini di età inferiore a 2 anni Si