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Ting Z.

Ting Z.

25-35 Fascia di età

3 bambini , 12,8,2 - anni

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Inizia: 07 / 2019 - 09 / 2019
Disponibile per: 6 months - 12 months
Nome Ting Z.
Nazionalità Chinese
Lingua(e) parlata(e) Mandarin
Viviamo in China
Registrato il 23/07/2019
L’ultimo accesso 3 months+
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Introduzione personale

I am the mother, I am a housewife, I usually like to do yoga and fitness. Kid's father is a manager, he usually like to watch movies and play golf. I have three children, two daughters and a son. Daughters have a sense of order and cheerfulness.they are interested in music and dance, like to listen to children's songs, swimming. They can speak some simple English. The youngest son has just been able to walk. A nanny was also invited to do housework, and she lives at home. I hope you can play games, tell stories, sing and dance with my children as much as possible, and you will mainly accompany my kids, so that they can get more information and fun while learning English. I hope you can cultivate their good character of politeness, patience and courage. At the same time, I can also learn spoken English. Of course, I can also teach you some Chinese and let you know some Chinese culture.

Il lavoro dell’Au pair

Au pair duty is to accompany our two daughters to study and play to improve their oral and reading English. Normally au pair can also teach me daily English when they go to school. Au pair has to communicate with my son simply. Au pair has her own room and needs to tidy up the room.

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