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Antonio A.

Antonio A.

23 Alter, Männlich

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Start: 10 / 2023 - 08 / 2024
Verfügbar für: 1 month - 24 months
Name Antonio A.
Staatsangehörigkeit Venezuelan
Gesprochene Sprache(n) English
Jetzt wohnhaft in Venezuela
Möchte als Au Pair in sein Switzerland , Denmark , Finland
Registriert am 21/06/2023
Letzte Anmeldung 7 days ago
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Persönliche Einführung

DEAR FAMILY. Hello parents, Hello children, my name is Antonio, I'm 23 years old, I am an integral analyst for the state public administration through a natural gas trading company. I have two years of experience in the recreational field and in the learning area for children; Sharing my mother tongue (Spanish), learning their language, but above all, helping children to grow in accordance with their general care needs that allow them to develop in a quiet, clean and didactic space, in accordance with and supervised by the objectives and expectations of the Parents, Participating proactively in the family routine, sharing our cultures and living the experience with the children as a true united family, creating a safe and trusting environment that becomes a gift of love and peace for all of us. Thank you for visiting my profile, hugs for the children and for you!....... I love to smile, a smile always brightens the day. I'm not perfect, but respect and honesty are values that we can all make part of. I am a quiet boy, I like to express my ideas and listen to others, I like to acknowledge when I make a mistake, something that has taught me to forgive and ask for forgiveness. Being Grateful....... Being Humble....... These are values that once you start working on them you never finish, it is a path of happiness that must be shared with everyone.I always keep in mind that everything that is done from the heart, with a positive attitude and above all with a lot of love, will have the best results!....... In my first year working with children I had the opportunity to start in an outdoor recreation center, where I was in charge of receiving the little ones with their parents and guiding them through the different playgrounds, this fostered and strengthened the relationship between parents and children by teaming up, working hand in hand, and achieving an objective as a family, in addition to strengthening the cognitive development of children; In my second year working with children I traveled to Colombia and voluntarily joined a school learning center for children with difficulty understanding reading or writing, helping children who for some reason had a problem with simple math, as well as teach them how to carry out science projects in an easy and dynamic way, we made Interactive Crafts through recyclable materials, we also encouraged the study of history through small plays where children interpreted historical characters with short dialogues and with the authorization from parents, and small English classes once a week..... My native language is Spanish, I speak English but I am open to learning new skills to improve. I also know a little German, French and Dutch which I learned at school.I don't have any kind of allergies......Dear Parents, you can lean on me to: Take and pick up the children at school or daycare, Clean the children's room and order their beds, Organize the children's playroom, Laundry, Vacuum Cleaner, Take care of pets in the house, Prepare some snack or breakfast, Accompany and assist children in their extracurricular activities (Singing, Dancing, Soccer, Swimming, among others).... If there is any other activity or task in which you would like a second pair of hands, do not hesitate to write me a message, dialogue is the key to agreements.....That my Host Family is the right one for me, is just as important as that I am the right one for you! My full name is Jesus Antonio but Everyone knows me as Antonio, so if you wish you can call me that! I have many other things to tell you about myself, but I don't want to make this presentation too long, so if you wish we can get to know each other more through chat or organize a video call! I have no problem sharing the assigned room or even the bathroom. I will be very happy to receive your message or your greeting. See you soon.


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