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Clémence P.

Clémence P.

21 Alter, Weiblich

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Start: 03 / 2023 - 03 / 2024
Verfügbar für: 3 months - 9 months
Name Clémence P.
Staatsangehörigkeit French
Gesprochene Sprache(n) English
Jetzt wohnhaft in Indonesia
Möchte als Au Pair in sein Australia , New Zealand
Registriert am 14/11/2022
Letzte Anmeldung 3 months+
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Persönliche Einführung

Hello dear family, My name is Clem (Clémence) and I'm a French traveler. A year and a half ago, I decided to quit my friends and family to accomplish by biggest dream of all : traveling the world. I did crazy things: hitchhiking thousands of kilometers in Europe, bike trip in Norway, volunteering for many people in different projects and different purposes (farms, hostels, campsites....). During my adventures, I discovered how passionate I was about meeting people across the world and creating unique relationship. Until this day, I still keep contact with them. Why being au pair ? In France, I already experienced working with families and I absolutely loved it. But once, I became an au pair for 2 months in an Italian family and that is when I realized that it's something that I will do again in my life. It wasn't to learn the language, but only to try something new in my life. The connection you create with the kids and the parent is something that cannot be described. I felt like I was part of their family and I learnt so much about myself. Because it's a real challenge to get the trust of a child and being like a big sister. Now, my goal is to improve my english skills and mostly to find a family and to be part of it. I was an au pair for an Italian family with a 7 years old girl and a 4 years old boy. They were quite active and I had to find new games and use my imagination to play with them. They were never bored. Also, when something was not going right, I always tried to nicely talk to both of them and every time explain why this is wrong and why they shouldn't do this again. It helps them to learn and to understand the world around them better than if nobody tells them. Now I'm in Southern Asia and I want to improve my english, my wish is to come either in New Zealand or in Australia. But really my goal is to have the best experience of my life with amazing people. When I actually started my journey i couldn't speak any words in English, but now i'm quite good and i really want to be fluent and comfortable with that. Everyone speaks english. I think it's a must in the life of someone because it opens so many things everywhere. I love it. I was also a french teacher during my travel for 7 months online on Preply ! I taught foreigners from all the world. There were kids, adults, teenagers, for all levels, from the beginning or even just having French conversations and I loved it. I really discovered something with the teaching but especially to create something with people around the languages. That's why I would love to teach french to the kids (even the parents if yoy want !), I think that could be really interesting and a good opportunity for them ! It's crazy how traveling changed myself. I've learnt many new social skills, I found out that I was very adaptative, polyvalent. I grew up from different experiences I went through and I'm building myself up to the best version of myself. I'm actually traveling with a friend the whole time so I learnt a lot about relationships. I always loved going out of my comfort zone and challenge myself. Also, what characterizes me best is that when I do something I am fully invested in it, especially new things. I love sport, especially running and I think it helped with growing my willing and my determination overall. I love reading, I'm a very active person, love listening to music, love discovering news places, I used to hike a lot in Norway when I lived there for 8 months,I love markets ( I discovered this in Thailand). I'm quite easy going and love everything ! And of course I love to meet and create good feelings with people even if at the beginning i'm a little bit shy. But travelling helps me a lot to try to open myself to others. That's also why I want to be really good and comfortable in english. I'm hoping to meet you soon :) Bests regards


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