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Gianluca M.

Gianluca M.

35-45 Altersgruppe

2 Kinder , 2,5 - Jahre alt

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Start: 11 / 2023 - 01 / 2024
Verfügbar für: 6 months - 18 months
Name Gianluca M.
Staatsangehörigkeit Italian
Gesprochene Sprache(n) Italian
Wir leben in Italy
Registriert am 16/09/2023
Letzte Anmeldung 3 months ago
If you see a WhatsApp or email address here don’t contact this family. They may be scammers.

Persönliche Einführung

We are a young, dynamic family struggling with work and school routines for the children. We live in a small lakeside town (at few km from a big city) in northern Italy. We are looking for an au pair who can help us with the day-to-day running of the children, with a minimum of flexibility in the times this will take place. Surely you will find a warm and welcoming family, hoping in some way to always make you feel at home. :)

Die Arbeit des Aupairs

We would expect flexible cooperation from our future au pair. We would need you to be able to manage your free time and the time you spend helping us according to our business schedules. The main activities we ask for are: Picking up the children from school; Making the children play; Preparing food for them (when we are absent); Washing them (when we are absent or when we need help around the house); Putting them to bed (when we are absent) Small household chores (such as loading/unloading the dishwasher and throwing away the dirt); Keeping the dog company, if you like :) Mainly we need you to take care of the children, the other tasks are secondary and handled with maximum flexibility. In addition to this, we expect this experience to be an opportunity for the whole family to grow and help the children get to know different cultures, languages and customs from our own.


Bevorzugtes Au Pair eines Geschlechts Weiblich
Aupair-Paare akzeptiert Nein
Das Aupair muss Auto fahren Ja
Betreuung älterer Menschen ist erforderlich Nein
Hausarbeit vom Aupair erwünscht Durchschnitt


Alleinerziehende Familie Nein
Unsere Religion Roman Catholic
Wir praktizieren unsere Religion Nein
Wir haben Kinder mit besonderen Bedürfnissen Nein
Wir benötigen Betreuung für Kinder unter 2 Jahren Nein