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Paolo M.

Paolo M.

35-45 Altersgruppe

1 Kind , 6 - Jahre alt

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Start: 11 / 2023 - 11 / 2024
Verfügbar für: 3 months - 24 months
Name Paolo M.
Staatsangehörigkeit Italian
Gesprochene Sprache(n) Italian
Wir leben in Italy
Registriert am 23/07/2023
Letzte Anmeldung 2 months ago
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Persönliche Einführung

HI! I am a 46 year old father of a good 5-6 year old boy. I live in the countryside near Florence surrounded by olive trees and grapes in a large house with the possibility of reserving a part of it (1-2 rooms and 1 bathroom) for a person who can help me and devote part of her time to my son. This usually occurs during Saturday or Sunday and during mid-June-July (in these periods a 5h/day aupairing is required). On weekdays my son will not be usually present because he is studying in Florence and is cared by his mother and my parents. A person who loves pets is also required, in fact I live with a lovely Australian Shepherd. Sometimes I may need help caring the dog for a few hours or few days when I am busy with my work which is in Florence but occasionally, although rarely, I am asked to take time off for a few days for conferences or meetings. What else? I need help with the houseworks that I usually do but a support is needed being the house large. Lastly I love arts in general, I play piano and I love music and I'm trying to learn accordion thus if you'll accept to be aupair please accept or share my moments of free time playing music. You will have a very pleasant experience if you are respectful of nature and like to stay in a quiet countryside location on the hills of the Tuscany Region (frequented by several foreign students and turists in general) but close to Florence, reachable by train in 30 minutes, where you will find language courses and several cultural attractions. A driving license is highly recommended but bus connections are possible (reachable by a 5 min walk) although occasional. A female aupair also at her first experience but serious and affordable (no smoking, little or no drinking, no partying) senior than 28-30 is preferred

Die Arbeit des Aupairs

I am hoping to find an au pair who can create a positive relationship with my son and become part of the family. I see aupairing as a unique possibility of cultural exchange and human experience for both the aupair and the family. I'm personally very actracted by new cultures and willing to learn new traditions, food, languages. Let's discuss privately the questions regarding the salary that will be in line with the guidelines for Italy. Finally I will be very happy if the conditions are created to spend the holidays together with the aupair of which i can bear the quote to pay. No allergy to report. We are not vegetarians or vegans but vegetarian aupairs are welcome. Please note that external temperatures during winter can stay below 10 °C during the day even if now is not so frequent. Also if you hate silence during the night the place is probably not for you.


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Bevorzugtes Au Pair eines Geschlechts Weiblich
Aupair-Paare akzeptiert Nein
Das Aupair muss Auto fahren Ja
Betreuung älterer Menschen ist erforderlich Nein
Hausarbeit vom Aupair erwünscht Durchschnitt


Alleinerziehende Familie Ja
Unsere Religion Roman Catholic
Wir praktizieren unsere Religion Nein
Wir haben Kinder mit besonderen Bedürfnissen Nein
Wir benötigen Betreuung für Kinder unter 2 Jahren Nein