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Gen B.

Gen B.

25-35 Altersgruppe

3 Kinder , 1;2;3 - Jahre alt

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Start: 06 / 2019 - 08 / 2019
Verfügbar für: 1 month - 6 months
Name Gen B.
Staatsangehörigkeit Canadian
Gesprochene Sprache(n) English
Wir leben in Canada
Registriert am 20/06/2019
Letzte Anmeldung 3 months+
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Persönliche Einführung

Hello, We are a family of five (husband and wife with three lovely, smart, funny, active kids) on a hobby farm with horses, goats, cows, dogs and cats. Beautiful area close to Ottawa and Montreal. We are Christian, very loving and kind to everyone. We do not have a tv or much technology around as we truly live the country life, but of course we go out and do lots of stuff. I am a singer songwriter, writer, and stay at home mom. My husband has a full time job and works on the farm as well. There is a big private room and bathroom with jacuzzi bath beside the laundry. Very big house with lots of space . Woods and fields in the back. You can ride our kind horses if you wish. We are very easy going but do have a routine lifestyle and like schedule and organization and cleanliness. We eat at the table together and spend a lot of time together. All we eat is fresh organic food and meat from the farm. We speak English and French and some Dutch and Spanish! We are looking for someone for July- August who is very sweet and kind and patient with kids, and who will love to teach them stuff, read, and play outside with them. They love to be silly and dance and sing, paint, do crafts, play with animals, water, slides, swings, you name it. We want someone very respectful and open to the love of God in this world and in people. We want to teach the love of Jesus to our kids. Just be yourself

Die Arbeit des Aupairs

I am newly pregnant and I will need help watching the kids, cooking, cleaning, because I am VERY sick approximately the first three months when I am pregnant. Last time, I was almost bed ridden for a month, unable to eat or drink anything and throwing up all day and night (to explain). My husband has a full time job and is also a farmer so I cannot expect his help or family to help out.


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Bevorzugtes Au Pair eines Geschlechts Weiblich
Aupair-Paare akzeptiert Nein
Das Aupair muss Auto fahren Nein
Betreuung älterer Menschen ist erforderlich Nein
Hausarbeit vom Aupair erwünscht Durchschnitt


Alleinerziehende Familie Nein
Unsere Religion Roman Catholic
Wir praktizieren unsere Religion Ja
Wir haben Kinder mit besonderen Bedürfnissen Nein
Wir benötigen Betreuung für Kinder unter 2 Jahren Ja