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Nanako E.

Nanako E.

35-45 Altersgruppe

2 Kinder , 6, 9 - Jahre alt

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Start: 08 / 2024 - 09 / 2024
Verfügbar für: 12 months - 12 months
Name Nanako E.
Staatsangehörigkeit German
Gesprochene Sprache(n) German
Wir leben in Denmark
Registriert am 02/01/2019
Letzte Anmeldung 6 months ago
If you see a WhatsApp or email address here don’t contact this family. They may be scammers.

Persönliche Einführung

Dear Au Pair, Thank you for your interest in our family :) We are looking for a Japanese Aupair who can speak japanese to the children so they can learn the language and culture. They know a bit of japanese since I am half-japanese and sometimes speak to them in japanese as well. My husband is danish and we speak english together and the kids go to a danish/german bilingual school so in our house we speak 4 languages (german, danish, japanese, english). ABOUT US My husband is Danish and I'm half German / Japanese and grew up in Hamburg. We met in Tokyo and lived there for six years before we got married and returned to Europe. My husband and I speak english together. Our two daughters were born in Hamburg and Oslo. My husband speaks danish with them and I mainly german and a bit japanese. With us it is linguistically very colorful;) My husband works in the management of a Danish company and occasionally travels to Asia on business. I am a brand designer / consultant and I am self-employed and work from home. If we have time we try to do some sports, I like to practice yoga. Our big girl paints and plays with her dolls or Lego. She is a happy girl and likes to talk, but at the beginning she is quite shy. She cares lovingly for her little sister and tells her that she is her best friend :) The little one is also quite relaxed and laughs a lot and likes to explore our surroundings and watch what her big sister is doing. We mainly eat organic products and eat little meat but are not vegetarian. We eat fish regularly and I try to cook Japanese from time to time. All in all, I would say that we are a pretty relaxed family that likes to be together and have fun together. We would be happy to welcome you! :)

Die Arbeit des Aupairs

We would like to have an au pair who already has experience with children of that age and enjoys playing with them. You will be delivering and picking up the children by cargo bike (don’t worry, it’s with battery/motor :) ) so you need to be comfortable taking this on a daily basis. When the weather is really bad or cold you can take the train as well. Your tasks are: - getting kids ready for school - making lunch boxes for kids - deliver/pick up from/to school (by electric cargo bike, so you need to be comfortable riding the bike in all weather conditions ;)) - cleaning kids room and the rooms you use (basement/guest bathroom) - making kids food - doing kids laundry - light housework (emptying dishwasher, vacuum cleaning etc) - deliver to activities (by bicycle) - babysitting/bringing them to bed (occasionally) Official pocket money for Denmark is 4700 DKK per month for 2023 And you can take free Danish lessons (we will pay this during the visa application)


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Aupair-Paare akzeptiert Nein
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Alleinerziehende Familie Nein
Unsere Religion No Religion
Wir praktizieren unsere Religion Nein
Wir haben Kinder mit besonderen Bedürfnissen Nein
Wir benötigen Betreuung für Kinder unter 2 Jahren Nein