Au pair in Sweden

Au pair programs and visa information in Sweden:

Au pairs from Nordic countries ( Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway) do not need a work permit or a residence permit to work in Sweden.

Au pairs from EU or EEA countries

Au pairs from EU or EEA* countries do not need a work permit to work in Sweden. However, if they are employed for more then 3 months, they have to apply for a residence permit. Au pairs are allowed to start working for a family straight away, without the residence permit and are allowed to apply for it after entering Sweden. In order to apply for a resident permit, an au pair has to provide a certificate of employment issued and signed by their employer and a certificate of enrolment at a Swedish language course.

Au pairs from non EU countries

Au pairs from countries that are not part of the EU have to have a work permit in their passport before they enter Sweden to work. Au pairs should make sure that their passport does not expire whilst they are in Sweden. It is essential that the expiration date of their permit may not go beyond the expiration date of their passport.

Au pairs from non-EU countries wishing to stay in Sweden for longer then 3 months are required to also obtain a residence permit. An au pair must apply for and receive a residence permit before he/she enters Sweden. Au pairs can apply for residence permits through a Swedish diplomatic mission in the au pair's country of residence.

Au pairs from Australia and New Zealand

Sweden has a working holiday agreement with Australia and New Zealand that allows au pairs from Australia and New Zealand to work in Sweden on a working holiday visa for 12 months. (The same applies to Swedish au pairs wanting to work in Australia or New Zealand).

Even though the main purpose of a Working Holiday Makers stay is to take a holiday, with a working holiday visa they are allowed to work in Sweden during their 12 month stay in order to fund their trip. However, an au pair must apply for a work permit to do so. Their application needs to include 2 copies of an offer of employment from their host family.

*The EEA is defined as the European Economic Area which is made up of the EU countries, plus Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein.