Au pair in Germany

Au pair programs and visa information in Germany:

Foreign au pairs must be at least 17 years old. Foreign au pairs not from European Union may not yet be 25 years old on requesting the visa. It is no longer necessary for an Au pair in Germany to be registered with an agency. Au pairs and host families can set up a contract directly between themselves.

In Germany au pairs are paid 260€/month, for 30 hours of work per week.

Au pairs need a level of A2 German of a Goethe-Institute or a similar qualification. Au pairs who need a VISA will have to prove their German knowledge when applying for it at the local embassy, but people from USA, Canada, Switzerland and the EU who don't need a VISA will have to do that later when applying for a work permit as an au pair. They have to have a certificate of their German knowledge or alternatively the level of German will be tested by the Labour Office itself. The Goethe-Institute offers a test to see if you would pass an A2 Exam.

Foreign au pairs that are not members of a member state of the European union (EU), require a residence and a work permit for the Federal Republic of Germany. The residence permit must be requested before departure at the responsible German representation abroad (that is the embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany or a regionally responsible consulate) in form of a visa. The local Auslanderbehorde is the organization to contact.

The entry visa requires the previous approval of the local authority for foreigners at the residence of the host family. The work permit is given on request by the locally responsible labour office. It presupposes the presence of a valid residence permit or their promise. Au pairs that are not citizens of the European Union need a valid passport of their country of origin for the entry and for the duration of the stay intended. Citizens of the European Union need only have a valid identity card for the duration of their stay.