Raising an intelligent and creative child


The full-time job of being a parent is not an easy one, due to the fact that you have the mission of a superhero: you should raise an intelligent and creative child. But, fortunately, if you apply a few tips and tricks, you can succeed. Here they are.

Firstly: what do you think that “raising an intelligent and creative child” really means?

Well, the perspective is different from one family to another. For example, there are parents who say that they consider their kids intelligent if they are able to learn new things on their own. Others say that an intelligent child is the one who is able to make new friends and socialize with other people. But psychologists say that this is not enough. An intelligent and creative child can do both, without having to do any great offer. Also, such kid has good communication skills even if he or she is still young.

Secondly: how do you figure out if your child has special abilities?

Well, you do not need a special power to find out if your kids are both creative and intelligent. Also, you do not have to pay an arm and a leg for tests. You only have to ask your little ones to do some things and pay attention to their behaviors. For example, does your child like to paint? Do you like his/ her paintings? Well, maybe the child has an artist’s eye. Remember that everyone is creative, but some people are as lucky as to discover their talent from an early age.

On the other hand, there is another important aspect that you should take into consideration: never make your kid feel forced to do anything. It is true that you can apply some small tricks for making him or her read more, but if the child does not enjoy playing tennis, you should not insist on making him/ her do that. Maybe your little one is keen on music or maybe he or she has writing skills.

Thirdly: Do not compare your kids to others

If you want to raise an intelligent child, you have to be an intelligent parent. However, this implies avoiding one of the greatest mistakes that adults usually do: comparing the kids with others. Each person is different. What is more, you cannot even ask your children to act like other children. They should be original. If you insist on comparing kids with other girls and boys, you would do nothing but creating a wide gap between you two and also make them feel less appreciated.

Fourthly: Non-formal education

Experts claim that non-formal education is the best way to help your child increase his/her abilities. Also, there are many non-formal educational activities that allow the little ones use their imagination in order to be creative. For example, you can take your kids to the zoo if you want them to learn more about animals. Also, a visit to the Museum History can help them understand our past better. Also, a simple ride with the bike can help your kids clear their mind and then be able to focus on the important activities.

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