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World has changed and kindergarten is not what it used to be. It is irrelevant to think if is right or wrong, it is what it is and we have to adapt. The transition into kindergarten is a big deal for a kid, so you have to prepare him very well in order to make things easier on a long time. Take a look on some areas in which you have to help your kid to develop.

Emotional and social development
Give your child some tasks slightly above his current ability level and encourage him to encountering the problems that show up. When he can not find a solution by himself, teach him how to calmly ask for help. Play some board games with him and invite some other friends from various ages as well. In this way he will get used with the turns and he will learn how to react when he loses.

Language development
Read to your child for at least 20 minutes every day. During the reading, point out how he should hold a book, the orientation in which we read and how he should behave when someone is reading something. Let him draw as much as he can and ask him to draw the things he sees around him. Teach him the sounds each letter does when is pronounced through some funny games.

Cognitive Development
Ask your children to help you sort items by color, shape, size (toys, laundry, other household items). Help him to learn how to do different patterns (yellow, blue, red). Practice counting when you walk together and also point different shapes around the house or on the way. Talk with him about directional and positional concepts like up and down, in and out, top and bottom, stop and go, etc.

Physical Development
Play a lot outside. Let him run and jump and climb, play catch and stack block together. Give him a child safe scissors and let him cut different shapes. Teach him to write his name, make sure he holds the pencil correctly, build objects from crafts, play with a ball, spend as much time as you can with him and talk with him about the new changes that will be made.

Keep in mind that a child do not have to read or be able to tie their shoes before going to kindergarten. It may take a while until he gets used with school, schedule and so on, but if you enjoy their enthusiasm in learning and discovering new things, he will love to go to kindergarten eventually.

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