How to be a successful family on FindAuPair


Because we value our members a lot here’s some advice on how you can use FindAuPair to quickly find the perfect au pair for you.

How to use the website to your advantage

1. First, you have to register. After that, you can start searching for the perfect au pair.

2. You have three options when it comes to searching on our website: simplecountry and advanced search. In order to make sure that you find your au pair as soon as possible, you should sort them by last login or registration date, using the SORT BY option.

3. Contact as many au pairs as possible. The more contacts you make, the greater the chances of finding the right au pair for your family.

4. Add the au pairs you like to your Favourites list. This way you can have a record of your preferred choices and can quickly get in touch later on.

5. Make sure to login into your FindAuPair account as often as possible (try doing it once every 24 hours). This will increase your chances of being contacted, because au pairs sort families by their last login date so the more often you will login, the higher you’lll appear in the searches.

6. Check your messages on a daily basis. Try to reply to messages as soon as possible (usually in 24 hours or less) – this will show that you are serious and interested in being a host family. Thank the au pairs for the interest shown in you and use appropriate language when replying.

7. Make sure your email notifications are enabled – this way you will receive daily notifications regarding the activity associated with your account and you’ll be able to react quickly.

8. Set your account status as online – otherwise you won’t appear inside the website’s searches anymore.

Tips for improving your family profile

1. Upload photos – it’s very important to have photos in your profile. Families like to see photos of au pairs – and au pairs also like to see photos of families.  They want to find out about you and photos you can show them you are a nice and genuine family.

2. Write a lot about your family, your interests and hobbies and where you live – so the au pairs can get a good idea of what it would be like to live in your family.

3. Bear in mind that those that read your profile are young people who are going to travel to a strange country so write a friendly and welcoming profile.

4. Inform the au pair about all the advantages you can offer. For example, you can say that the city you live in has a lot of sights to be visited. Write about your family, the area where you live and the amenities and attractions for young people in your city/town or near-by. au pairs are young people and like to get out, make friends and have a social life so they want to know where they can meet other Au-pairs and people of their own age.

5. Try to sound friendly – avoid if possible the word “required” and use instead “preferred”. Using “required” you may seem a little strict. Remember, it’s not only if you want an au pair, it’s also if she wants you.

6. Mention if there are language schools in the area you live in as most au pairs will want to go to language classes. One of the main reasons an au pair goes a foreign country is to learn that country’s language.

7. References – not only the au pairs should provide references, a host family should too. It’s normal for au pairs to be a little apprehensive about going to an unknown country and living with an unknown family.  References from previous Au-pairs can help build trust.

Do you know any other tips? Please share them with us!

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  1. Indeed, pics are very important. All people want to know how you look, if you are a decent person or not.

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