Being a peaceful parent – easy to say, but not so easy to do


Stress, worries, work, lack of money, lack of time… how can you be a peaceful parent when you have to face all these problems on your daily routine? Well, the specialists say that you can. You are like a superhero who gathers his/ hers powers every day in order to overcome all the obstacles. However, here are a few tips that help you become a peaceful parent.

1. Reflection comes first

People, especially parents, feel temped to react, before reflecting. Thus, they find themselves yelling at their toddlers or asking their children to do things that they are not so sure about. This is the reason why, specialist recommend looking for the reason which hides behind the child’s behavior. Parents should ask themselves: which was the motivation that determined the child act like that?

2. Heating the roof – NO! Keeping calm – YES!

It is true that there are some moments in life when you feel so overwhelmed that you can hardly control your negative emotions. On the other hand, you may say that all parents get angry at their kids. But these are just excuses. You should work on keeping calm. Try to avoid all the negative energy that makes you feel overwhelmed. For example, one good piece of advice is that you should not spend your time around people who are not on the same edge as you are. Try to be polite with everyone, but do not waste any minute on those who are not worth.

3. Take time for yourself

Read the book that you like, go to spa, listen to music when you drive your car, cut your hair, organize your wardrobe, take a walk alone in the park, ask your husband/ wife to go on a trip without children. You don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive hotels. But sometimes, in order to be calm and peaceful, you need a break. Some fresh air from the mountains or the blue color of the sky and sea may help you more than you imagine.

4. Confront your feelings

Face your feelings. No matter how you feel, you have you face your feeling and then learn how to control them. Let’s say that you feel angry. Find out why you feel angry. Stop taking it out on your children.
Last but not least, bear in mind that an out-of-control child cannot be handled by an out-of-control parent.

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