A short Christmas lesson for our children

Children believe that there is no time like Christmas. Due to the beautiful decorations, traditions and gifts, Christmas is regarded almost anywhere as the most important period of the year. But there is also true that what makes this event so special is the strong connection between people. However, you may call it “Christmas spirit”.

But the duty of parents is to create a Christmas to remember for their kids. Despite popular beliefs, the Magic of Christmas does not consist only in gifts and material things. It also implies joy, happiness and a warm heart that is ready to offer the others special moments.

A few things a about Christmas

Gastronomically speaking, Christmas is the perfect period to indulge with all the festive types of food. However, parents should not forbid the little ones to consume chocolate, candies or other types of sweets, as long as they are in control. Moderation is always the key to success.

Having realistic expectations about presents is also an important detail that should not be missed. Kids are always interested about the gifts that they will receive from Santa. But parent should educate them about these expectations. By teaching your little ones about how much Santa can afford you can avoid the disappointment on the Christmas day.

Creating special memories. Teach your kids to appreciate Christmas by showing them how beautiful the Christmas traditions may be. Let them sleep close to Christmas tree in order to catch Santa. Let them play with all the children who come visit your home. There are statistics which show that over the years, children do remember the family traditions but not the gifts.

Another important aspect is related to Christmas carols. The Christmas spirt should be felt with all the senses, starting with the taste and ending with the hear. Thus, listening to Christmas carols may be a real therapy for both body and soul.






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