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Kristiina V.

Kristiina V.

35-45 Fascia di età

2 bambini , 8,11 - anni

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Inizia: 02 / 2016 - 01 / 2017
Disponibile per: 12 months - 12 months
Nome Kristiina V.
Nazionalità Estonian
Lingua(e) parlata(e) Russian
Viviamo in Estonia
Registrato il 24/01/2016
L’ultimo accesso 3 months+
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Introduzione personale

Dear au pair, We are a multi-cultural family living in the very center of Helsinki with 2 kids and one kitten. We are looking for a Russian speaking au pair to support our kids' cultural and language development. We hope on our part that we can help you develop better knowledge and skills in terms of how family works, how life in Finland functions and we'll try to support you in what you would like to pursue in life - for example by helping to find suitable courses. We hope you are interested and creative in - and love spending time with kids. It is very important that you really enjoy being with kids and have ideas what you can give them - as a person, as a "smarter adult", as their "older sister"! Since we work a lot and kids have many hobbies we also need a well-organized and proactive au pair who would be able to take initiative in terms of e.g. what to do with kids in daytime if you have free time. Most importantly, you need to be properly motivated to work with kids - and be interested to contribute to their growth and development. We speak 3 languages in our family. Markus, being a finnish swede, speaks swedish with kids, who also go to swedish-language school. Kristiina, being Moscow-born half Estonian half-Russian speaks Russian to kids because we believe it could be useful for kids to now in future. Sometimes between ourselves we also speak Finnish, which is important for kids to learn. We keep close ties also to Estonia, where Kristiina's parents live. Adults speak good English too. Markus has PhD in management and is working at a family company at the moment

Il lavoro dell’Au pair

We hope our au pair would be properly motivated to stay with us - love our kids, help them and us as family as a whole and set a good example to everyone. We expect you to be an interesting, social person, and enjoy spending time with us as a family also sometimes when you don't have working hours - and not "sitting in your room" whenever your working hours end. Working with us would most importantly require quite a lot of organizational skills and flexibility, due to often tight school and hobbies' time schedules. We need you to have solid (=very good) DRIVING EXPERIENCE (not just license!!!) as you would need to drive kids to hobbies every day. Usually our au pairs have had first half of the day free as well as weekends free. Most work takes place in afternoons and evenings. Also in the mornings we need help with preparing breakfast, helping kids to go to school and tidying their rooms. If you love sports, chess, and have musical/singing background we would welcome these skills, but we do not require them as necessary. What is important is that you speak Russian as your mother tongue and are able to help kids with learning this language and doing their homework in this language. Most importantly we seek a reliable and responsible adult person, who will fit and feel with us as a family member so that we could all together help each other in developing dreams and wishes!!!

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