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Julien O.

Julien O.

35-45 Fascia di età

2 bambini , 7, 4 - anni

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Inizia: 01 / 2022 - 02 / 2022
Disponibile per: 6 months - 12 months
Nome Julien O.
Nazionalità French
Lingua(e) parlata(e) English
Viviamo in Switzerland
Registrato il 09/11/2021
L’ultimo accesso 3 months+
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Introduzione personale

IMPORTANT: Only Au Pair with EU/EFTA Citizenship are allowed to work in Switzerland. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Steinmaur, Zurich, Switzerland, where our two boys were born. We already had an Au Pair with us and we are very excited about the whole experience. Our house is located in Steinmaur, around 25 minutes from Zurich downtown by train. We have a happy and lively home and are looking for somebody who enjoys caring for young and active children.

Il lavoro dell’Au pair

Wake-up around 7am Breakfast with the kids Help them to get ready for school (get dressed and brush their teeth). Send them to school around 8am, they walk there by themselves with our neighbor's children. We live 5 minutes walk from the school. We then either go to our office or start working from home. They come back from school at 12pm, have lunch at home and James goes back to school at 1:30om until 15:15pm. Finn does not have school in the afternoon. Depending on the days, they might have further activities in the afternoon (music, yoga, tennis, football, etc.) Dinner around 6:00-6:30pm Bath for the kids Bedtime around 8:00pm

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Preferisco Au pair di sesso Femminile
Accettate le coppie alla pari No
L’Aupair dovrà guidare No
È richiesta l'assistenza agli anziani No
Lavori domestici richiesti all'Au pair Leggero


Famiglia monoparentale No
La nostra religione Roman Catholic
Pratichiamo la nostra religione No
Abbiamo bambini con bisogni speciali No
Abbiamo bisogno di assistenza per i bambini di età inferiore a 2 anni No