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Caroline M.

Caroline M.

25-35 Fascia di età

2 bambini , 6 months, 4 years - anni

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Inizia: 06 / 2018 - 08 / 2018
Disponibile per: 12 months - 24 months
Nome Caroline M.
Nazionalità Canadian
Lingua(e) parlata(e) English
Viviamo in Canada
Registrato il 06/04/2018
L’ultimo accesso 3 months+
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Introduzione personale

We are a family of four, living in Toronto, Canada. We have a little boy, Everett, born in November 2013 and a new baby girl, Elizabeth born in October, 2017. Jeremy, 45 years old, is a geologist, his job requires him to travel regularly (once/month) to other countries, sometimes with limited communications access. I am 32 years old, work in communications for a strategy company and work regular business hours. Jeremy and I both work in downtown Toronto, and commute to work together. Jeremy and I both enjoy traveling, small trips in Ontario and longer trips abroad. Both of us have family in other parts of Canada, the US and Europe. We often host dinner parties, go to art galleries and spend time with our families in the city.

Il lavoro dell’Au pair

Everett will be starting kindergarten in September and Elizabeth will be seven months old when I return to work. We believe children should be well-socialized, stimulated and maintain a daily routine. We encourage daily outings to local parks and playgrounds and interaction with other young children in the neighborhood. Jeremy and I both leave each day around 8:30am, and return around 6:00pm. We eat dinner around 7:30pm and bedtime for Everett is 9:00pm. Both kids are excellent sleepers and Elizabeth naps regularly throughout the day. We live in a three-level home, and the house has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a finished basement and a backyard. You will have your own room and share a bathroom with Everett.

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