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Guibert P.

Guibert P.

18 età, Femminile

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Inizia: 02 / 2023 - 03 / 2023
Disponibile per: 3 months - 5 months
Nome Guibert P.
Nazionalità French
Lingua(e) parlata(e) French
Ora vive in France
Vuole diventare au pair in Norway , Ireland , Sweden
Registrato il 14/01/2023
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Introduzione personale

Hi there! My name is Pénélope , I am an 18 years old French girl who just finished high school, and I decided to take a gap year before going to university. I took this decision because I wished to have a year to extend my professional experiences: firstly, I found an internship in the field I want to work in later, which is publishing, more precisely translating. But I also wanted to take advantage of this time to work as a baby-sitter abroad, in an English-speaking country, because it would be an opportunity to enrich my knowledge of the English language and culture, to get to know the country better, and also to earn some money. It would also allow me to increase my sense of responsibility, my ability to be independent, and prepare myself for the working world. As for my experiences as a baby-sitter, I have accumulated quite a few over the years: I would baby-sit children over the weekend, as well as during the holidays for two to three weeks. They were from a few months old to 7 years old. Nonetheless, I am looking for a longer experience, and I do not mind caring for children who are older. The families who employed me in the past always seemed happy with my work, saying that I took care of everything they requested and that the children really enjoyed my company and what I would do with them (they would apparently ask when they would see me again!). About potential housework, I am totally willing and able to take care of light cleaning and cooking, as long as I have instructions (I am hardworking, perfectionist and always try to be as resourceful as I can be)! Regarding my English level, I would not say I am bilingual yet, but I am completely fluent, therefore I would not need any English language tutoring. I would say I am shy when you meet me, but when I get comfortable, I love sharing experiences and point of view, getting to know others, and helping them if they need it. I am especially eager for sharing cultures and languages with people who come from another part of the globe! I am very passionate, my whole life revolves around what makes my heart beat faster. That makes me a very compassionate and kind person who will do everything she can to help and to the right thing. I am also a perfectionist, which means I am really hardworking and likes when everything gets done, and the right way. During my free time, I love reading, writing (mostly poetry), listening to music, watching films and tv shows, drawing. I also love theatre, wheter it is studying or practicing it (I have been taking theatre classes for 11 years). I have always loved being in contact with children: caring for them, making sure they are safe, being the person they come to for help, talking to them, educating them about the world, watching them grow and evolve, answering their many questions...I also love going to live abroad, it has always been a very interesting and beautiful experience, I enjoy discovering the local culture and way of living and sharing life experiences with the people who live there. I moreover am looking for a way to earn some money and grow my sense of responsibility and self-sufficiency, which would prepare my for the working life. That's why I think an au pair job would be the perfect job opportunity to reach my goals and do what I love. I intend on finding a family who, of course, is looking for someone to care for their children, but who is also eager to welcome a foreigner into their home and daily life to give them the opportunity to discover their culture.I do not expect anything more than trust, shelter, food, payment, and decent and enriching human interactions. discover and enjoy its culture and beautiful landscapes (I more than live living in a place where I have access to beautiful views, it brings so much peace to my soul). To conclude, I believe I can absolutely fill the criteria and requirements of the job you are offering, and because it is such a great opportunity for me, which exactly fits the experience I was hoping to have when I decided to take this gap year, I can assure you I will do my personal best to satisfy you and your child, and will be as honest, friendly, open minded, assiduous and full of life as I can be. I am looking forward to talking with some wonderful families, and I hope with all my heart that someone will grant me this opportunity. Hoping to hear from you soon and wishing a good weekend, Pénélope.


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