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Tram N.

Tram N.

25 Edad, Mujer

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Comenzar: 07 / 2024 - 07 / 2024
Disponible para: 12 months - 24 months
Nombre Tram N.
Nacionalidad Vietnamese
Idioma(s) que habla Vietnamese
Viviendo ahora en Vietnam
Quiere ser un personal extranjero para trabajo doméstico en United States of America
Registrado en 30/03/2024
Último acceso 2 months ago
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Presentación personal

Dear Future Host Family, I am Tram but you can call me Ellie. First and foremost, it is a big pleasure for me to get to know you, to meet you and to work with you in a near future. I am a 24 year "young" woman, who considers herself as a positive, fun and thoughtful individual. I have just received my Bachelor degree in English linguistics and I have experiences in teaching kids for almost 2 years now. Before that, I used to teach adults, (my oldest student was 80 years old, I know, it is insane right!). I also worked as a customer service officer in one of the most biggest foreign supermarkets where I live in. In my free time, I love to hit the gym and build my body. I go there quite often, says at least 4 days a week. I love to eat and explore cool coffee shops where I live. I do not drink, smoke or do drugs and I am not a fan of clubbing. But if I have to go with my friends, then I would just sit there by myself, talk to a friend or do silly dance moves. As I have mentioned above, I am a native Vietnamese who speaks fluently English and a little bit of French. I strongly believe this is my strongest point as my English level is nearly native. Therefore, chances of misunderstandings due to language barrier would barely happen. In addition to that, I love working with kids and I am patience enough to get to know them and learn from them. Kids that I worked with in the past loved me too. They do not express it verbally (Asian kids barely say "I love you" straightforwardly" but through their actions, I can tell that they like being around me. They always wanted me to play with them, or even sometimes, they hugged me and hold my hands suddenly. I am a pious Christian and I go to church every Sunday. I usually practice what God has taught people and one of my main principals in life is to serve people around me happily. I am not expecting much in this program but forming a good relationship with my future host family and their kids. I totally understand that it is not easy to trust a stranger from another country to take care of your own kids, but I believe with my endless love for kids and effort to understand them and help them in daily life, I would become one of your suitable Au Pair match. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I look forward to meeting you all in the nearest future. Best regards, Tram (Ellie)

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¿Ha trabajado antes en el país seleccionado? No
Ubicación preferida A City
¿Harás las tareas del hogar?
¿Cuidará a niños menores de 2 años?
Edades preferidas de los niños
¿Aceptará una familia monoparental?
¿Cuidará a niños con necesidades especiales? No
¿Cuidará de mascotas?
¿Cuidará a adultos mayores? No

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Estado civil Single
¿Es Ud. parte de una pareja extranjera para trabajo doméstico? No
¿Tiene licencia de conducir? No
¿Cuánto tiempo hace que tiene licencia de conducir? Menos de 1 año de edad
¿Está dispuesto(a) a conducir? No
Consideraciones dietéticas None
Religión Roman Catholic
¿Ud. practica su religión?
¿Alguna vez has laborado como personal extranjero de trabajo doméstico? No