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Max M.

Max M.

19 Edad, Hombre

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Comenzar: 08 / 2023 - 09 / 2023
Disponible para: 9 months - 12 months
Nombre Max M.
Nacionalidad Belgian
Idioma(s) que habla French
Viviendo ahora en Belgium
Quiere ser un personal extranjero para trabajo doméstico en United States of America
Registrado en 08/03/2023
Último acceso 9 months ago
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Presentación personal

Dear Host Family, Are you looking for a unique experience with a male Au Pair? Then, I'm the one! I would like to become an Au Pair in the USA because for me it’s the perfect mix between discovering this beautiful country, your culture, taking care of children and being part of your family. My name is Max. In march 2023 I had 19 years old pass the A-level. I’m a Belgian citizen. I have a sixteen years old brother, Félix. My mother Rosalie is a secretary and my father Luc is a key account manager. My hobbies are: scout leader, photography, skateboarding, running and playing American football. I grew up in a small country town where I had a well preserved childhood characterized by a Catholic education. I don’t have any tattoos or piercings and I don’t drink, smoke or take any drugs. I live in the eastern part of Belgium close to the Dutch and German borders. That’s why I speak French and German fluently, a little bit of Dutch as well and would like to improve my English skills. My best friends would describe me as having the joy of life, always in a good mood, generous, diligent and polite. I’m quite a good cook as well. I eat nearly everything, I’m not a vegetarian nor a vegan. I like to take care of children because it fills me with joy to see them having a good time. It's a task with which I flourish easily. I would like to have a great time with your children by supporting them in their hobbies and activities. It's important for me to show them the right way. With me, kids will have a playmate and a big brother to whom they can confide. I stand for the safety and the happiness of your children. Together we will have a year filled with good times. I would be delighted to be your choice. Kind regards, Max Moor

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¿Ha trabajado antes en el país seleccionado? No
Ubicación preferida A Capital City
¿Harás las tareas del hogar?
¿Cuidará a niños menores de 2 años? No
Edades preferidas de los niños
¿Aceptará una familia monoparental?
¿Cuidará a niños con necesidades especiales? No
¿Cuidará de mascotas?
¿Cuidará a adultos mayores? No

Acerca de

Estado civil Single
¿Es Ud. parte de una pareja extranjera para trabajo doméstico? No
¿Tiene licencia de conducir?
¿Cuánto tiempo hace que tiene licencia de conducir? 1 a 2 años de edad
¿Está dispuesto(a) a conducir?
Consideraciones dietéticas None
Religión No Religion
¿Ud. practica su religión? No
¿Alguna vez has laborado como personal extranjero de trabajo doméstico? No